Elevate your ground status

Generate more income

Build a REAL atmosphere

Cost-effective container stadia conversions for sporting grounds, events and spectator venues.

A cost-effective and portable alternative to fixed seating 

Designed and built to your needs and budget 

Zero planning permission or construction

Generate more income and level up your club status 

Your club and fans

come first

You’re an ambitious sporting club or events management company, but the stadium or ground you reside at is old and outdated. Your fans or customers want to see more games, competitions or events but it's hard for you to attract bigger crowds and generate more revenue when your ground conditions are not up to par with other clubs, grounds or larger stadia.

You don’t have the ground space or budget to build a large, fixed stadium.

Your attempts to climb the leagues are halted due to ground capacity and standards.

Your footfall and income generation are capped.

Your previous planning permission attempts have been rejected.

Container seating solutions

that elevate

At Elite Stands we know and understand these common challenges all too well. We speak to many private clubs, sporting committees, events managers and local authorities that face the same obstacles as you.

However, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Here at Elite Stands, we not only create innovative and cost-effective container solutions to help remedy these issues but possess the know-how and experience to deliver a hassle-free service.


Sectors of expertise

sport, leisure and more

Cost-effective and premier seating

built around you

Generate more income and create an atmosphere

in 4 easy steps


Book a design consultation with our friendly design team using our online form or call us.


Decide whether you wish to buy or lease one of our innovative shipping container stadia conversions.


We design, build or simply delivery your conversion stadia seating to your venue and prepare it ready for action.


If you decide to lease, then we collect at the pre-agreed collection date.

Why you should
consider a container seating conversion

Elevate ground status, generate more income and build a real atmosphere

Best in class features and benefits

A cost-effective and portable alternative to expensive and complex stadia construction

Designed and built around your needs and budget.

No planning permission or construction required due to its portability.

Level up your status to increase your promotional opportunities, footfall and income.

Flexible lease terms and options available for all circumstances.

Durable and low maintenance with 24/7 aftercare.

Choose your solution

Tailored and flexible for all needs and budgets

Elite Stands specialise in bespoke shipping container stadia conversions.

From as little as £5999, Elite stands can design and build around your requirements and specifications. These can include customised branding to match your club or organisation colours. Choose from a variety of seating formations, including specific safety features plus much more.

We offer a range of sizes starting from 20ft containers which are great for lower-level organisations like village sports clubs through up to the 40ft option, perfect for professional football teams or larger spectator events.

Discounts for multiple orders are also available.

Don't want to purchase, but need seating? No problem, why not lease one of our shipping container stadia conversions instead?

Choose from a large range of neutral colour schemes, seating formations and sizes; 20-40ft options.

You can also choose set season-long lease terms or bespoke periods depending upon your needs.

Either way, Elite Stands can help with free delivery, installation and collection – job done!

What people say

Latest testimonials

" I was gobsmacked with the quality of the stands. The quality of the workmanship that has gone into this, and the level of detail is second to none!

We're very impressed. Every club should have one of these "

Gordon Hill

Wealdstone FC

"I would recommend Elite stands to any team or organisation needing seating. Ours is structurally solid and the personalisation is a great feature.

Great job and excited to be working with them. 👍 "

Peter Thomas

Ferryside RFC

Stop letting
pass you by

its time to level up

Elite Stands with a wide range of sectors, from local sporting grounds, leisure venues and festivals, retail and corporate partners right up to humble community events. However, we cannot work with everyone.

So if you would like to stop;

Losing business, income and status to neighbouring clubs and venues.

Navigate through complex and expensive stadia construction quotes and planning permission red tape.

Or being turned down for league promotion year on year for the same old grounds renovation reasons.

Then speak to our friendly design team today for a no-obligation survey and quote.

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